Am I the right Photographer for You?

Ela from iEla Photography

Photography is my Passion – Photography is my Life…

My name is Ela and I am a Professional Photographer on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. My passion lays in capturing unforgettable expressions and the inner beauty which exist in all of us.

Finding the right photographer can be a big challenge.  IF you love the arts and appreciate the finer things in life, if exceptional service and lasting quality is important to you, if you want to be treated with utmost respect and thoughtfulness, and warmth and friendliness brings out the best in you, I would be delighted to hear from you.

I love creating photographs for wall art, picture story books, and picture boxes, which hold small but beautifully matted photographs that can be displayed on small tabletop easels or kept safely hidden away.

Photographs received on a CD usually end up collecting dust in a drawer and rarely get to be printed in a way, which they deserve. For this reason, if you are just after images on a CD I’m most likely won’t be the photographer you are looking for.

I am happy to provide you with Digital Jpeg Files if thats what you would like, but remember that photographs received in Digital form rarely get to be printed in a way, which they deserve.

Childhood roots

Light, the essence of photography has always fascinated me. Being an only child and growing up without a father behind the iron curtain shaped my isolated existence. So from an early age I was drawn to the soothing emotions the morning and afternoon light created. Light as such, became my imaginary friend and inspired me to dream with colour and shapes and moods and emotions to flee from life’s harsh realities. My fascination with light turned into a passion at age 15 when I was given my first camera.

Today I still escape into my dreams searching for stillness, harmony and balance to counteract the hustles and bustles of everyday life. Light and shadow, colours and shapes are my tools to create an alternate reality that only exists in the mind. I believe my photographs often reflect the solitude I felt throughout my life, which is represented in my minimalist style.  I strive for technically strong images, emerging from my strong desire to accomplish order.

Photography allows me to capture emotions and share it with the world through my vision. I am driven to turn the ordinary into extraordinary by using light, to allow the viewer’s mind to feel from within. I know my work is worthwhile if it evokes a reaction, be it a smile, an inward tear, or a glimpse of hope.

Skills and Experience

I have been taking photographs from an early age, my family, friends and pets, and although i had a ‘feel’ for the craft, it wasn’t until much later in life when i finally decided to listen to my heart and embark on my true passion, starting with some formal training.  Although it was such a big challenge, thankfully I just love learning.

So, for the past 13 years i haven’t stopped and never looked back. First I studied Graphic Design at uni, then spent two years attaining my diploma in Photo-imaging, which allowed me to become the Visual Artist I am today.

Of course the learning never stops. If I’m not photographing or designing, I spend most of my time refining my skills and knowledge through books and online seminars.

I’ve been told I’m eccentric, and yes, photography for me is more then a passion, photography is my life.

My Promise to You

I will create beautiful photographs that you will be proud to display in your home or at your workplace. My aim is to ensure that your experience with iEla Photography will be very rewarding and noteworthy.
I only offer high quality products to showcase your photographs in the best possible way. These products will not only wow your family and friends, but will last a lifetime to be treasured by generations to come.
I will treat you, your family and friends and your sensitive information with utmost respect and integrity. I will keep you informed ahead of the time, so you’ll know what to expect through each stage of the process.

You will find me very friendly, approachable, down to earth and easy to get along with. I’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs, and answer any of your questions or uncertainties before or during your photography session. You’ll be able to quickly relax and trust me that the sometimes-uncomfortable poses I may guide you into, will result in stunning images.
Since photography has been a life calling for me, I can assure you that each and every client I take on will be with fresh excitement giving me the opportunity to practice what I love best.


“The professionalism  in which you have shown within your work is outstanding. Thank you for being there for us on our Wedding Day. Thank you for being you” – Yvonne and John Bellamy